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Amritsar To Pathankot
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Amritsar to PathankotYou Can Travel By Train From Amritsar To Pathankot, Then On To Dharamsala, Chamba, Kahjjiar, Dalhousie By , Bus, Or Taxi.First Buy Your Amritsar To Pathankot Train Ticket Online, At The Station, Or At A Computerized Train Reservation Office In The Golden Temple Complex. It's A Good Idea To Book Your Train Ticket In Advance As Trains Are Often Heavily Booked.Trains With Travel Time Over 3 Hours, Or More Than 1 Train With The Same Departure And Arrival Times Are Not Included In The List Below.

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Train No.    Train Name                  Departs From    Time        Destination    Arrives        Travel Time
1ABP            ASR BAT PTK DMU        Amritsar     4:40 AM        Pathankot     7:30 AM       2 hrs 50 min
3ABP            AMRITSAR PTK DMU     Amritsar    6:20 AM         Pathankot     9:30 AM      2 hrs 10 min
4611             TATA JAT EXP                 Amritsar     7:45 AM        Pathankot     10:35 AM    2 hrs 15 min
8601             HTE JAT EXP                  Amritsar     7:45 AM        Pathankot     10:35 AM    2 hrs 50 min
4633             RAVI EXPRESS              Amritsar     9:15 AM        Pathankot     11:40 Am   2 hrs 25 min
7ABP           ASR BAT PTK DMU        Amritsar     3:00 PM        Pathankot     5:20 PM      2 hrs 20 min
9ABP           AMRITSAR PTK DMU2   Amritsar     5:30 PM       Pathankot     8:50 PM      2 hrs 55 min
11ABP        ASR PTK DMU                  Amritsar     7:50 PM       Pathankot     10:45PM    2 hrs 55 min
4611           ASR JAT EXPRESS         Amritsar     10:40 PM     Pathankot     1:10 AM      2 hrs 30 min
9113           FZR JAT EXPRESS          Amritsar     11:35 PM    Pathankot     2:05 AM      2 hrs 30 min